Different Noises

Aural Delights 458

September 9, 2021

An eclectic mix featuring music from Bob Andy, Bouquet of Dead Crows, Brian Eaton, Ciccada, Deafheaven, Electric Light Orchestra, Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher, Jed, John Coltrane, Kim Salmon,  Peter Hammill, Shannon & The Clams, The Battery Farm, The Moodists, The Murlocs, and Wolves In The Throne Room

  • HARRY STAFFORD AND MARCO BUTCHER - from the excellent new album Bone Architecture
  • KIM SALMON - the last couple of single from Kim 
  • THE MOODISTS - the last set of tunes from my retrospective of the band - from the Peel Session 10th July 1985 - on the Creation Artefact Box Set
  • BRIAN EATON -  his third full-length album, The Known Space Project, comes out on Friday, September 17 via his label, Eatin’ Records. Though a bit of a departure from his usual vocal rock sound, Eaton is no stranger to jazz/fusion.
  • BOB ANDY - Having become firmly established as one of Jamaica’s premier singer-songwriters in the ‘60s and early ’70s, Bob Andy cemented his place in the pantheon of musical greats with his seminal album, ‘Lot Of Love And I’.
  • BOUQUET OF DEAD CROWS -  preview track from the forthcoming release of the second half of their Hemispheres album. 
  • CICCADA - A band from Athens, Greece -  The music of Ciccada is a mix of rock, jazz, folk and the Western European legacy from the middle-ages to 20th century.  
  • DEAFHEAVEN -  On their fifth album, Infinite Granite, Deafheaven are no longer toying with the juxtaposition of pitting metallic abrasion against swirling grandeur. Quite the opposite: Infinite Granite is a bold and brave leap forward, a gorgeous and invigorating album brimming with pomp and panache.  It  is Deafheaven’s most goosebump-inducing album to date. 
  • SHANNON & THE CLAMS -  a fantastic new album called Year of the Spider  , the band’s sixth studio album, rages against death and disease with the power of a thousand angry Ronettes. 
  • THE MURLOCS - On their fifth album 'Bittersweet Demons', The Murlocs share a collection of songs reflecting on the people who leave a profound imprint on our lives, the saviors and hellraisers and assorted other mystifying characters.
  • WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM -  Primordial Arcana is the band’s first completely self-contained work.
  • ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA  - from a new compilation Beyond the Pale Horizon: British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1972.
  • JED - the first single from the forthcoming album "Hi Tech Low Life".
  • PETER HAMMILL - from the second solo album The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage from 1974.
  • THE BATTERY FARM -  Roy Keane Isn't Real is the 2nd single from the forthcoming 2nd EP Dirty Den's March of Suffering, which is released on all platforms on Blindside Records 15th October.
  • JOHN COLTRANE - Live in Seattle - Previously unreleased and one of the only two times it was played live - full album out in October - a septet with John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones, Pharoah Sanders, Carlos Ward and Donald Rafael Garrett. Featuring a preview track - Psalm.

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