Different Noises

Looking down I see you far below, looking up you see my spirit glow (English Version)

November 16, 2021

The third in a series of podcasts from the German Shepherd Records Kennel of eclectic sounds curated by Luisa Maraffino. This one  features music from:

Ride, Wych Elm, Chemtrails, Ye Woodbeast, Furrowed Brow, Springfield Elementary,  Giancarlo Bonafaccia, Cosmic Panthers , Big Joanie  John (TimesTwo), Kill West,  Membranes,  Psycho Comedy,  Marta Del Grandi,  Iraina Mancini,   Julia Bardo,  Laetitia Sadier,  Propori,  Trianglecuts,  Hate Moss,  Mewn  Kyoto, Curami ,  Threads, Oort Clod, Swedish Magazines, English Teacher, and, Nada.

Recorded and produced in Manchester UK and various locations in Italy in November 2021. Artwork by Stephen Chappell. Luisa has produced versions in both English and Italian. 


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